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Theater JARO

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Muddanna Promotion Prasanga

a delightful Kannada comedy social drama

by Belaku Chitra Nataka and supported by Berlin Kannada Balaga

Aus dem Inhalt

“Muddanna Promotion Prasanga”, presented in Berlin/Germany for the first time by Belaku Chitra Nataka and supported by Berlin Kannada Balaga is a delightful Kannada comedy social drama penned by the talented Rajendra Karanth and directed by Sandeep Manjunath.

Set to grace the stage of Theater JARO on May 31st and June 7th, this theatrical masterpiecepromises an evening of laughter, introspection, and heartfelt moments.

The story revolves around Mudanna, a quintessential office employee grappling with the desire for a long-awaited promotion. Frustrated with the lack of recognition at work, Mudanna finds solace in his friend's mischievous suggestion to stage a drama surrounding his promotion. Little does Mudanna know that this seemingly innocent idea will spiral into a series of hilarious and chaotic events, putting his relationships, integrity, and sanity to the test. As Mudanna weaves a web of lies to deceive his family and gullible manager, the line between reality and fantasy blurs, leading to unforeseen consequences.

From comical misunderstandings to uproarious situations, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster ride as Mudanna's elaborate ruse unravels before their eyes. Filled with witty dialogue, captivating performances, and relatable characters, "Mudannana Promotion Prasanga" is a poignant reflection on the human desire for validation and the importance of staying true to oneself amidst life's trials and tribulations. Join us for an
unforgettable evening of laughter, tears, and profound revelations as we witness Mudanna's journey from deception to redemption.

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About Belaku Chitra Nataka:

Belaku Chitra Nataka, formed during the Rajyotsava celebrations in 2019, is a dynamic theater troupe that has captivated Kannada theater lovers on international platforms. The troupe has staged numerous plays, including "Premachurna," "Kunta Kunta Kuravatti," "Gandaskatri," and "Jagadambeya Beedi Nataka."

In addition to their theatrical performances, the group actively shares their talent through songs and visual presentations on Instagram and YouTube, with most of their content being original compositions. One of their notable songs, "Jayatu Janani," garnered significant attention and acclaim during the Republic Day celebrations at the Indian Embassy in Berlin, earning praise from various newspapers.

Another standout visual presentation by the group is "Nayakidevi," which tells the story of Rani Nayakidevi, a Kadamba princess and daughter-in-law of the Chalukyas, who heroically defeated the Afghan invader Mohammad Ghazni. Despite the challenges of the lockdown, the team managed to shoot the entire song with a limited number of people in one room, adhering to safety protocols. This heartwarming presentation has resonated deeply with audiences who have seen and heard it.

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